testimonial-3“Well, it’s been almost 22 months since I first called Zarrilli Homes about rebuilding our house.  First, I want to thank each of you for your help, involvement, and commitment to seeing our project thru to its conclusion.  Our family is very appreciative.  Second, please extend our thanks to everyone involved from your team that I know helped out but that we never encountered.  A lot always happens behind the scenes.

I know that all of you have had a full plate of responsibilities over these last two years helping many families like ours recover and rebuild.  All of you deserve to be commended for your positive attitude, helpfulness, energy, and resolve to see us and many other families be successful in their rebuilding journey.

I do promise to stop in soon and personally thank you.  See you then.”

Take care,

Dick Muchanic, Nora Muchanic, Marty Muchanic, Jean Muchanic, Mary Albert