I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you we are really pleased with the progress on the house.

Every time I’ve been to the site since the set, there have been guys there working. Sometimes as many as 10 workers at the same time. I love the commitment to getting it completed quickly for my family. And I continually see evidence of your dedication to quality and customer satisfaction as we work thru the inevitable hurdles.

Robert is taking care of the many details with the contract and helping to ensure we get a house my family will enjoy calling home.

Patrick is right on top of everything and is doing a stellar job bringing everything together at the site. He is a focused professional and I truly enjoy working with him. I have worked with many project managers in my career and he is a true gem.

It has been 1,328 days since Sandy came ashore and our outlook has never seemed brighter. Jackie, Natasha and I are truly excited about the future you are bringing to life for us.


Jeff Zovak