Custom Modular Home Construction Co. Zarrilli Homes builds premier beach style homes on the Jersey Shores.“I wish to thank you for the work done to correct my problem of freezing pipes. Matt and Mike worked to complete the repair in a neat, clean and expeditious manner. When they left my home it was as neat and clean as when they entered.

I so appreciate Sal’s work to help me last Friday and at the time of my initial call for assistance. Sal arrived promptly and worked on a cold, dark, afternoon and night to correct my water supply problem. He went above and beyond what I could expect of any tradesperson.

Reliable service from your “warranty department” confirms my decision to choose Zarrilli Homes as my builder. I continue to enjoy a well-built home. It is one of the many blessings I have to thank God for. Please feel free to have potential clients view the exterior or interior of my home. I will be glad to show folks through and let them know of the good work Zarrilli Homes has done for me.

Thanks again for standing behind an excellent product.

Jim Hofacker