Custom Modular Beach Style Home by Zarrilli Homes on the Jersey Shores. After: Jersey Shores, NJ Custom Modular Homes by Zarrilli Homes – A Quality New Home with custom amenities built on your lot or one we have. – www.zarillihomes.comAnthony – We will always be grateful to you for making this a wonderful experience for us. You were so kind to us in a time when we were trying to recover from a very devastating experience – along with everyone else. You spent time with us and listened to our ideas always being honest. With your input a beautiful house was designed from a simple drawing that Jack did on a piece of paper. Every detail was included. And your staff- each and every person that we called, worked with, and asked so many questions- was equally as wonderful. It is important for us to make sure that they all know how very much we appreciate it. I will never forget the day you told me that “I will build you a beautiful house and not to worry so much”. At that point , I finally relaxed a bit. It was hard to envision a home when you were just looking a drawings . But here we are today and it is even better and more beautiful than I ever imagined. Thank you again! And you must come over and have a beer with us on the deck! Best regards,