Why Custom Modular Homes

Why Build Modular?

A new home is typically the largest investment you’ll ever make, so you need to choose carefully. A modular home is unique because it is built in a climate–controlled factory, offering multiple benefits over traditional stick–built homes including: Quality, Speed of Construction, Design Flexibility, and Energy Efficiency.


The most prominent advantage of a home being built in a factory is quality control. Building in this way significantly reduces weather related problems such as water damage, preventing uneven walls and unleveled floors and resulting in less settling, nail pops, etc. Additionally, all of the wall, floor, and ceiling components are sized, assembled, and aligned with laser precision for exact dimensional and assembly control.

Modular building methods also ensure the highest level of craftsmanship as workers are not exposed to the elements or made to work in hazardous conditions.

Finally, because modular homes are constructed with shipping in mind, they are typically built with 20% more material than a stick–built home to withstand the stress of transportation on a truck, significantly increasing the strength of your home.

Speed of Construction

Once all building permits are obtained, your home will typically be delivered to your home site five weeks later. We specialize in the area surrounding Brick, NJ. The average–sized home takes approximately five days to be constructed at the factory. Once delivered, the final finish work on the home averages from 60 to 120 days, depending on the intricacy of the options and house design selected.

Additionally, upon delivery, your modular home will already have been inspected by an independent inspector that will certify that the home has been manufactured in conformance with the approved plans and complies with the strictest building code provisions. As a result, minimal on-site inspections will need to be completed by your township officials.

Design Flexibility

While our home manufacturers offer countless home designs in a variety of styles, Zarrilli Homes specializes in custom modular housing. We will work with you to construct a home that best suits your tastes and needs. Your home can be built as large or as small, as simple or as intricate as you desire, resulting in a final product that clearly articulates your personal style.

Energy Efficiency

Superior engineering and the latest construction technology significantly increases the energy–efficiency of your new modular home. Deeper wall studs with space for two extra inches of wall insulation, airtight seams in sheet rock and around windows, and Low E window glass all ensure that your home will be economical to run and comfortable to live in regardless of the weather. By these energy-saving features, the customer will pay less to heat their homes in winter and cool their homes in summer.